Copywriter Services

If you are seeking copywriting services for creative projects, then I am your girl! But of course, you shouldn’t just base your judgement off that statement. Let me tell you why I’m the best copywriter for your needs.

As I look back over my life, there is only one skillset that has been a natural strongpoint for me- writing. I did not realize this until my life took an uncontrollable turn in December 2016. My job position was eliminated, and I was given several other options to choose from if I wanted to stay with the company. I chose to interview for a copywriting role with our in-house creative agency and landed the job. It was emotionally tough for me to transition out of merchandising, as I had my “dream job” doing trend forecasting and analysis to influence product development. As a few months passed, I realized that everything that had happened was a true blessing in disguise. Becoming a copywriter in a corporate environment gave me the tools I needed to finally master a trade. After all, who wants to be a jack of all trades and master of none?

As I settled into my new job as a Creative Copywriter, I quickly excelled. Amongst many other things, I wrote my first product catalog entirely alone.  In addition, the blog posts I write are constantly in the top 10 viewership rankings. How? The answer is research and storytelling. My fashion marketing background combined with trend analysis and researching skills help me to filter through what is happening in the world and apply it to the brand for which I am writing. I aim to make an emotional connection with readers. And as any good writer would know, nothing I write for the web would be complete without SEO knowledge.

So if you are looking for a storyteller who can produce quantifiable results, please contact me. I have not met a writing challenge yet that I have not conquered, and I would love the opportunity to write compelling copy for your business. I am open to freelance hire for blogs, landing pages, brochures, emails, videos, and more. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I am a proud supporter of the Oxford comma. Don’t worry, though. I can adjust to any writing style. Please email me at

You can view some of my corporate copywriting work here.