Crab Toes: An Emotional Journey to Fashion

Every so often, we are inspired to be more than we have ever been. A burning passion wells up inside of us that must be unleashed. We cannot run from it. Sometimes, this passion is sparked by the desire to see a change in the world. Sometimes, it is sparked by pain. In the case of Mardia Powell, her brand Crab Toes was born out of the beautiful life her mom lived.

Powell was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, with her brother and two sisters. From a young age, she dipped her toes into creativity. Amongst many other things, her mother taught her to sew. This skill, of course, would come in handy later in life. Powell went on to earn an AA of Arts in Art and BFA in Graphic Design. With these degrees, she became a triple threat.

Life took an unexpected turn a few years after Powell graduated. Her mom, Mrs. Lethoy, left the physical realm, but everything else about her is alive and well. She taught Powell so many incredible life lessons, the types that can only come from a mother’s love. To this day, Powell lives by her mother’s saying, “Even if you are afraid, DO IT AFRAID.” And so, she did.

In mid-2016, as a form of relaxation, Powell started collecting shells during a trip to Long Island, Bahamas. At that point, she was overwhelmed with inspiration and directed this energy into creating. It was all history from there.

Powell has shown us that we can find the good in all bad things. Her line of handbags and jewelry, and most recently hats, carries on her mother’s legacy in the most inspiring way. Each piece is handmade with love, and I think it’s safe to say you’ve never seen anything like them before. Powell’s seashell technique sports impeccable craftsmanship and has landed her in some of Nassau’s most fashionable boutiques.

All of Powell’s designs are breathtakingly gorgeous, capturing the essence of 2018 fashion. Some of our favorite trends for this year are:

Maximalism. This trend is all about the excess of everything in the most fashionable way. Powell’s seashells satisfy our taste for maximalism.

Blue. Did someone say “blue?” We’ll take all of it! All shades of blue are in style; they get lighter or darker, warmer or cooler, depending on the season. The Crab Toes Waves for Days bag in aqua blue gives us life.

Millennial Pink. Although this term is singular, it actually refers to several shades of pink with blush pink being the most popular. The Millennial generation has put the hue on the map. The Flamingo Splashing bag fits right in.

Millennial pink

With Crab Toes, there’s no way you can’t be a trendsetter. Cheers to Powell and the unforgettable legacy she is building in her mom’s honor.

Crab Toes

Powell does ship to the U.S. You can shop her summer 2018 collection Milk & Honey online, and don’t forget to connect with Crab Toes on Facebook and Instagram @crabtoes.

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