Kicking off A New Year with Caite, Inc.

2017 is gone, and I am kicking off the new year with Caite, Inc. Can you believe it has been nearly three years since my first collaboration with Caite? Time flies! Since 2014, I have changed in so many ways. I have grown as a woman, as a wife, a businesswoman, doctoral student, and as a mother. That’s right, I have given birth to two babies in the recent years. My son Asher will be two years young in May, and Olive is currently just five months young. Raising them with my husband has been quite easily the hardest, toughest yet rewarding job and blessing in my life. I love them with all of me.

Out of all the things that have changed, there is one tangible aspect that I believe has changed the most- my body. In 2014, I was very slim, standing at 5’10” tall and 130 pounds. Fast forward to today, and I am not that slim. I gained 70 pounds while carrying Asher and 50 pounds while carrying Olive. Living on this postpartum journey today, I am weighing in at nearly 20 pounds heavier than my pre-Asher weight. Plus, I have hips now (which I am very happy about, by the way). I have had to fall in love with myself all over again. I have had to accept the new “boobage”, the hips, the stretch marks, the bigger feet (they grew from 7.5 to 8.5), and the diastasis recti that has left me with a mommy pooch. (Don’t worry, I’m still very much into fitness and working daily to close my diastasis recti. In the meantime, body shapewear and the KA’OIR WAIST ERASER™ย are my best friends.)

In any occasion, the point here is that life happens. I am not who I was three years ago nor do I want to be that young lady. However, I am happy that the quality and style of Caite, Inc. apparel has not changed. It is still as beautiful as it was in 2014 and fits my new mama body perfectly. Chelsea over at Caite was so gracious as to send me several pieces to add to my wardrobe and share with all of you. First, let me say that all of the pieces feel SO SOFT to the touch. Gawd, they’re so cozy. Secondly, the silhouettes are flattering. Since my body was different three years ago compared to today, I believe it is safe to say that the clothing complements a multitude of body types. Lastly, the colors and patterns are timeless. I had fun shooting photos in my new apparel and hope you enjoy the “New Year with Caite, Inc.” lookbook below. If you own a boutique and are interested in wholesale, please fill out this formย to request a catalog. Click hereย  to shop online today.

For more information on Caite, Inc. please visit them online atย If you are located in Tampa, I encourage you to follow their social media and shop at their next local event!

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Photos by my husband

All tops were gifted to Knick Knacker from Caite, Inc. All opinions expressed are those of Knick Knacker and do not reflect any other individual or entity.

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