Black and White

black and white
Las Vegas Market Black and White Building B Entry Showcase Room

Hello, all! How have you been? This is my first blog post post-pregnancy, and I am happy to be able to sit down and take a little time to write. Although, I’d be all over my son right now if he were awake. I love his fat little cheeks! (Reeling it back in…) I recently attended the Las Vegas Summer ’16 market, and there are so many great trends that are hitting the furniture industry.

One trend that stuck out the most to me is “black and white.” I first spotted it within the fashion street style realm in 2014 and blogged about it in this “High Contrast” post, so it makes since that furniture is catching onto it now. Black and white is so classic to me. The combination of the two shades emerges at this day in time for a couple different reasons. At the “First Look 2016” seminar at market, the speaker discussed how black and white is being driven by refresh and renewal. It is also driven by politics. We have seen Hillary Clinton wearing a white pantsuit and political issues are very black and white right now as it pertains to race in the United States.

Black and white has been very popular in the kitchen. White is light and airy, while black rounds out the look. We see black and white being accented by gold at the forefront, followed by silver. Within this home trend, we also see charred black wood trending. The industry is finally pulling away from the all gray look and going for a more natural look and feel.

On a personal note, I’m excited about black and white because I am totally into minimalistic style now that I’ve had my baby, Asher. I changed out my entire wardrobe to be majority black and white, featuring clothing in a lot of the same silhouettes. I add spice to my outfits through accessorization and awesome shoes. I may not have time to think too much about what clothing I’m wearing anymore, but I definitely am not sacrificing style in my jewelry and shoes!

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1644 Residence
M/I Homes of DC: Maryland :: Crown - Picasso Model
Holden Street
One Central Park Penthouse - Chippendale Sydney


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