Have you guys heard of this new term “woe” that’s been floating around? Apparently, it is a word describing someone who has been with you through hard times and stuck around in spite of everything. I find it funny lol. Anyway, my “woe” Omar & I recently celebrated our 2 year marriage anniversary! I thank God for watching over us and our relationship. It has been 2 years of pure BLISS!

Just kidding. That only happens in Disney movies. Marriage can be challenging at times, but we are definitely in this together until the end of time. I wouldn’t want to do this thing called life with any other man! We are still in the early years of our union, so we are constantly learning new things about each other.

One of the best things that’s happening for us is the spiritual renewal we are undergoing, leading up to our vow renewal ceremony. (We finally get to have the wedding we never had!) We are both learning to always put God first, be patient, be humble, and uplift one another always. The mentorship we are receiving is PHENOMENAL! Thank God for wise people. Hopefully, we are an inspiration to other young married couples.

Our anniversary weekend was very eventful, to say the least. On Saturday, April 4th, I had a street style shoot in St. Pete with Marie Claire magazine, which was like MAJOR. I’m very grateful that they reached out to me to participate. I wore Charlotte Russe everything, except for my Rue 21 watch and JCPenney bag. Later that day, O & I ate at Datz Tampa for the first time. The food was amazing! Then, we had some fun in Lowe’s. Yes, we are overgrown kids. On Sunday, we went to church and ate at Ruby Tuesday afterwards. Our sweet server gave us free cupcakes for our anniversary. I wore Charlotte Russe everything once again. Omar’s red pants are from Bealls Outlet and shoes from JCPenney. Check us out!

20150404_091211AO_2 Year Anniversary_Balling on a budget!

20150404_091803AO_2 Year Anniversary_I met fellow blogger The Blonde Latte while out with Marie Claire!

20150404_101423AO_2 Year Anniversary_Selfie nation!

20150404_134209AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_134221AO_2 Year Anniversary_Selfies at Datz!

20150404_134225AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_135940AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_140404AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_140510AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_140553AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_141252AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150404_142413AO_2 Year Anniversary_Chicken and waffles!

20150404_144829AO_2 Year Anniversary_It was a beautiful day in Tampa Bay.

20150404_145054AO_2 Year Anniversary_20150404_155130AO_2 Year Anniversary_We had too much fun in Lowe’s lol.

20150404_155322AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131349AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131354AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131436AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131513AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131529AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_131632AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_134538AO_2 Year Anniversary_ My lipstick is “Vampira” from the Kat Von D studded kiss collection at Sephora.

20150405_140429AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_140457AO_2 Year Anniversary_ 20150405_150305AO_2 Year Anniversary_Can you tell I like selfies? Ha! Our weekend was great! How do you spend your anniversaries?