A New Look for Pastel Colors

Remember how pastel colors were all the rave in 2014, especially mint green and lavender? Well, you don’t have to say goodbye to them just yet. In the fashion world, home trends always piggy back off of clothing trends. Whichever color ways or prints and patterns from the runways that can be easily translated into home furnishings are most definitely seen in home decor in the next one to two years. As a home buyer myself, working for one of the top furniture industry retailers in the US, it always amazes me to see how fashion extends beyond just clothing (contrary to what many may have been conditioned to think).

pastel colors

On March 1, 2014, I posted the Knick Knacker Spring 2014 Fashion Trend Report that showcases pastel colors on the runway in a trend I call “Cotton Candy.” I never would have thought that trend would be popping up in homes. It surely is a new look for pastel colors. I mean, it would take a pretty bold, expressive person to actually turn his or her living room into a cotton candy land, but hey! The photos that I’ve seen so far while roaming around Google look awesome. Take a look.

a new look for pastel colors
Photo Source: Home Interior Zone

House to Home
Photo Source: House to Home

Get Relish
Photo Source: Get Relish

mint green

Photo Source: House Beautiful

Pastel colors truly bring a beautiful softness to any design. They can take a design from harsh and masculine to feminine yet bold. I also love how great pastel colors look together. I have yet to see a combination that does not work well. What do you think of this new look for pastel colors?


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