Best Trends of 2014

Alright y’all, here’s my first post of the new year! I’ve been doing some reflecting on the past year. It seems like it came and went in the blink of an eye, but there were some incredible moments in my personal life (i.e. purchasing my first house with my husband!) as well as in the world of fashion. The year 2014 was filled with great fashion trends. I’m such a nerd when it comes to trend watching, and I’m going to dare to say that 2014 was one of the best years for trends hands down. However, only a few made my list of favorites. Here are my top 6 best trends of 2014:

Matching Sets

best trends of 2014

Whether it was a crop top and skirt or full on pant suit, I had to have it!Β This trend made it perfectly okay to match everything and feel confident doing it.


Sporty Luxe_Chanel Fall 2014

I think it’s safe to say we can always count on Chanel to make sneakers high-fashion. The “Sporty Luxe” trend is one of my best trends of 2014 because it transformed comfortability into a fashion statement. I always enjoy throwing on a pair of joggers with a solid shirt and wedge sneakers and hitting the road.

Very Berry

best trends of 2014

I’m in love with berry everything in all shades from clothing to beauty. My personal favorite is the bold lip/bold eyebrow beauty trend. On the rare occasions that I do decide to wear makeup, my lips are always covered in Kat Von D “Vampira” matte lipstick.

Graphic Prints

Graphic Obsession_Custo Barcelona Spring 2014

So, raise your hand if you’re totally obsessed with awesome graphic prints! There is something about amazing graphic prints that just draws me into a garment. It’s almost hypnotizing. Prints give clothing such a unique flair and rhythm. We can always count on Custo Barcelona for some great prints.

Midi Rings

Midi Rings Trend_Chanel Fall Winter 2013-14

This is one of those trends that crept up in 2013 but really latched onto 2014. Everywhere I looked, someone was wearing midi rings last year. I even tried some out myself! They looked much better on other people, though. The tribal gold ones are my favorite.

90s Baby

90s Baby_DKNY Spring 2014

Overalls, plaid, shirts wrapped around the waist, crop tops, high waisted denim, slip dresses, fanny packs, the whole grunge look- I loved it all! I’d say this was probably my #1 best trend of 2014 since I wore it like all the time… even though it’s listed last lol. But hey, you have to save the best for last right?

What are some of your best trends of 2014? Share with me on Instagram @theknickknacker, using hashtag #besttrendsof2014.








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