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This past Sunday, O and I attended the 2nd Annual Fashion Expo produced by The Fashion Executives (TFE) at USF entitled “Metamorphosis.” It was held in the ballroom inside the Marshall Center. The ballroom is HUGE, and the whole room was full of people! I always love going to college fashion shows because it reminds me of my days at SCAD. It’s awesome to be surrounded by youthfulness and energy.

This fashion show was a bit different for me because I went to not only blog but also to share a vendor table with Sky Unikue’s Elegant Clothing Boutique since I sell Chloe + Isabel jewelry now. It all worked out, though. Thank God O was able to capture the majority of Metamorphosis on video- best husband ever! I had time to enjoy the show and also had time to tend to customers… while also being a customer myself, ha! (Check out these boots that O bought me from Sky Unikue’s- Jillian Boot.)

The entire show was great! It was really well organized and ran smoothly for the most part. The hosts did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged. The designers and boutiques that sent their looks down the runway were all incredible, and the models looked stunning. They really worked the catwalk! Owwww! I won’t make you read too much of what I thought about the show, take a look for yourself 🙂 (Catch me dancing around 00:45 lol)

Be sure to visit everyone online:

The Fashion Executives at USF

Lydia Anne Clothing

All Brides 2 Be

Dress Over Heels

Sky Unikue’s Elegant Clothing Boutique

Psychotic Legend


Congrats to TFE for producing a wonderful show! View TFE’s official Metamorphosis photo album here.

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