HAUTE! Opening Night Style Mixer

The first event for HAUTE Accessories Week 2014 took place tonight with the Opening Night Style Mixer held at Spain Restaurant in downtown Tampa. I always love these types of events because all of us fashion bloggers, photographers, designers, marketers, and overall fashion lovers get the chance to come together to relax, have some drinks, and get to know each other. As I was mingling, the conversation about the vast opportunity here in Tampa kept arising. I come from a city where the market is so saturated that it can be a bit difficult to get yourself out there, but Tampa is so unsaturated that we all have a better chance of growing our brands. We have so much talent in the bay area, and I think it’s awesome because those of us who are going out and staying “in the loop” are going to be the pioneers of a wonderful fashion industry here in Tampa in a few years.

Moving right along, last night I shared with you the seven accessory designers who will be presenting this week. I am so glad I met some of them tonight at the style mixer! It was great seeing my other fashion buddies as well. Take a peek πŸ™‚

Opening Night Style Mixer_001 Three of my fav Tampa fashion bloggers! (From left to right: Farrah of Estrella Fashion Report, Genelle of What’s More Important Than Fashion, and Natasha of Fashionably Fabulous)

Opening Night Style Mixer_002 TFM Chief Executive Producer, Lacey B. Smith, greeting Jamaal McKnight of Studio 94

Opening Night Style Mixer_003Inside Spain Restaurant

Opening Night Style Mixer_004Farrah (left) with Shola of Shola Designs

Opening Night Style Mixer_005Gotta love a great suit!

Opening Night Style Mixer_006Nancy of NaJe’ Designs

Opening Night Style Mixer_007I modeled for Dali of House of DaliΒ (middle) during Christian Fashion Week this year, so it was nice bumping into her as well as video guru Joi Banks (right)

Opening Night Style Mixer_008Tristan of Tristan Richards Styles, best pants of the night!

Opening Night Style Mixer_009Lillian Chor of Baglanti Jewelry

Opening Night Style Mixer_010Fashion blogger Misha E. of Fashionista Circle (left) and Nicolette of Tenique Designs (right)

We will see you all on Friday night at the runway show! Purchase your tickets before they are SOLD OUT. You won’t want to miss a thing! xoAndra

HAUTE Accessories Week 2014


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