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On the afternoon of June 7th, Mink Wink Lashes came to beautify Tampa. As O & I strolled onto the scene, I was overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous, fashionable women I saw at this event (a few men there were killing the fashion scene too!). The room was filled with energy as everyone was mingling, taking photos, and getting their lashes done. There was even a signature drink called “The Wink Rosé” which was very tasty, by the way!

Mink Wink Lashes launched earlier this year, and it’s definitely a company you’ll love, especially if you’re an avid eyelash wearer or makeup artist! I was invited out by the one of the company’s founders, Joyela. While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet the company’s other founder, Michelle. These two “glam girls” are too sweet. They are the epitome of what beauty product owners should be, beautiful from the INSIDE out. Now on to the lashes…


Mink Wink Lashes are flexible, lightweight, and made from 100% natural mink fur, providing a subtle shine. They can be worn up to 25 times (WOW). The collection includes 12 different styles, ranging from those that will leave you with a very natural look to those that will give you incredible volume. Michelle so graciously gifted me with my very own pair of Mink Wink Lashes, which came with an awesome Mink Wink dustbag. I chose the Monaco lash since I prefer a super natural look. I plan on using them for a beauty shoot, so I can’t wait to share the photos with y’all!

When you’re ready to add some glamour into your life, head on over to minkwinklashes.com to shop, get your free lash kit, join the VIP club, and more. With many of the lashes priced at $25, that’s only $1 per wear! And trust me, it’s worth it. Don’t take too long, though! Complimentary shipping and launch sale prices are for a limited time only. Happy shopping, and remember to “Live. Lash. Love.” 🙂

Check out the action of the event-

The Mink Wink woman is a confident woman who will turn heads in jeans and a t-shirt because of who she is and how she wears them. She is the woman who chooses lashes as an extension of herself depending on who she wants to be that day. Mink Wink Lashes has a collection that offers variety in terms of styles, shapes and lengths. There is a perfect pair just begging to be applied. A pair that will transform you into a modern age of glamour.

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