Hey, y’all! I finally got around to trying the whole blue lipstick trend that seems to have become really popular as of a few months ago… I’m such a laggard on some things, I know… But, I really love how this blue looks on my skin! I tried purple lipstick too, but the blue looked best on me. Here’s a few tips for wearing blue lipstick:

• Don’t over-do your eyeshadow while wearing a bold lip, but do amp up your eyelashes.

• If you have a very light or very dark skin complexion, lighter shades of blue will definitely work for you.

• If you’re going for an über fashionable look, try a neon blue or a very dark blue.

• Blue lipstick looks great while wearing neutral clothing like gray, black, and white. It gives the perfect pop of color!

• If you don’t want the matte look, feel free to add a clear gloss over your lipstick.

• Play around with statement jewelry that will make your lips pop even more.

I hope these six simple tips help you out! Let me know how it goes, and feel free to share any stories about other bold lipstick colors you’ve tried!