Kicking off A New Year with Caite, Inc.

caite inc

2017 is gone, and I am kicking off the new year with Caite, Inc. Can you believe it has been nearly three years since my first collaboration with Caite? Time flies! Since 2014, I have changed in so many ways. I have grown as a woman, as a wife, a businesswoman, doctoral student, and as […]

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Master Printmaker Omar Richardson

Artist Omar Richardson

On May 20, 2017, Master Printmaker Omar Richardson (aka my husband) had an artist’s reception at HOBI Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Great people and plenty of wine filled the space. This was his first showing in Atlanta in a little while, and it proved successful. Richardson is back in the city like he never left! If […]

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Cloud Island by Target

In my eyes, Target can do no wrong. The retailer is constantly progressing and introducing the most stylish, on trend brands at incredible prices. My latest excitement comes from their upcoming brand Cloud Island. Considering that I’m a Mama with a 1-year-old and another little nugget on the way, Cloud Island by Target fancies my […]

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Black and White

Hello, all! How have you been? This is my first blog post post-pregnancy, and I am happy to be able to sit down and take a little time to write. Although, I’d be all over my son right now if he were awake. I love his fat little cheeks! (Reeling it back in…) I recently […]

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Unplugged 2016

The year 2016 is only about five weeks away, and it’s well past time to start looking forward. As I observe my surroundings, I notice many young people starting gardens in their backyard, taking breaks from Facebook, eating healthier, and decorating their home with greenery. People are slowing down and re-focusing their energy on the natural. […]

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Be You, Be Original

When the whole point of Queen was to be original. -Freddie Mercury In a world constantly pushing a cookie-cutter image in our faces, it is easy to lose ourselves if we are not focused. The root of self-destruction is comparison. With that said, I challenge you all to detach from the world every so often and […]

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